Everyone loves pizza, especially wood fired pizza. That smokey flavour from the fire, Premium ingredients that are sourced locally where possible and a team that can ignite your event's spark are the key factors to the Dough Job difference.

Dough Job offers a variety of catering options for all budgets and events. Below are the options we provide, We've got something for you.

Guarantee your next event to be flavourful, easy, stress - free and sucessful.

dough job pizza

Per Pizza Package


Ideal for functions where salads and sides are available and you just need the main. Also very popular with corporate functions.

  • $150 set up fee

  • $20 per traditional pizza

  • Minimum 40 pizzas

  • You choose the flavours and quantity

  • We will box any pizzas left over for you

Ideal for milestone celebrations such as Weddings, 21st's, Anniversaries, Christenings etc.

  • $150 set up fee

  • Unlimited pizzas

  • Minimum 40 guests

  • Dessert and gourmet options available in certain packages

  • 3 packages to choose from

Per Guest Packages


Dough It



Ideal for smaller parties that don't quite meet the minimum numbers. Great for getting guests to make their own pizzas.

  • NO set up fee if you opt to pick up, set up and drop off all equipment.

  • Bond required

  • All equipment, tools and instructions to stretch, top and cook your own pizzas

  • We can supply dough, napoli sauce, bbq sauce and mozzarella

  • We pick up all equipment next day

  • Terms and Conditions apply