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pizza catering brisbane

Do you have gluten free options?

For private catering functions, yes! We will generally prepare and cook the gluten free options first to minimise the risk of any gluten contamination. We also cook the gluten free bases on metal trays and use clean utensils to prepare and serve the pizzas.

​There is additional charge of $5 per gluten intolerant guest. 

Do you have any vegetarian, vegan and lactose free options?

Yep! We have a variety of vegetarian pizza options across our menu so there isn't a shortage of choice. As for the vegan/lactose free guests, there are two options:

  1. We can prepare their pizzas without any animal/lactose products (at no additional charge), or

  2. We can provide vegan mozzarella. $20 for every 1-5 vegan/lactose intolerant guests.


What is the minimum spend for your catering services?

Our minimum charge $1650 for our "Per Guest Packages". The minimum charge is a set price even if it is a combination of adults and kids. The kids rate will only take effect if it goes over the minimum charge.


You know the saying - 2 is company, 3 is a crowd, and 50 is a party!!! 🥳

How long do you cook for?

This is dependent on your chosen package as it varies between 1.5 - 2 hours. No matter which package you choose, we will leave you and your guests some boxed pizzas because we know that the party goes on even after we leave.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, the $150 deposit will secure your date and also act as the set up fee.

Is my deposit refundable if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel your function for any reason and we're given at least two weeks (14 days) notice from your event date, then we will gladly refund your deposit. Any less and unfortunately the deposit is forfeited.

***If there are lockdowns at the time of the event due to COVID then we will gladly re-schedule your date OR you can choose to receive a refund of what ever has been paid***


What are my payment options?

We have the following options: 

  1. Cash

  2. Bank transfer

  3. Credit card (either on the day of your function or we can take your details over the phone)

We are currently in the process of becoming an Afterpay partner providing you with even more payment options and flexibility. Stay tuned!​

How much space do you need for your setup?

Good news is our marquee set up can fit on most driveways. We do need roughly a space of 4.5m x 3m otherwise our trailer will require a 7.2m x 2.2m space. If this isn't possible then we may need to set up our tables and equipment inside the garage with our oven remaining outside. Unfortunately we can't set up on any part of the council strip or the road for legal reasons.

Will you need access to power?

Indeed we do! All that needs to be powered is our ingredients fridge, hot water urn to wash our hands, and our light. Don't worry though, we have our own extension cord and power box.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We suggest a month in advance. This isn't to say you can't contact us on short notice and try your luck though. 🍀

What if my expected guest number changes?

We understand that guests can pull out and adjustments need to be made. If this happens, we need at least a weeks notice (7 days from your booked date), this is to ensure we don't over stock ingredients.

What if less guests show up than I expected?

If this happens, as we have prepared for the amount of people at the time of booking, unfortunately we cannot offer any discount or compensation. We'll still make the same amount of pizzas, so feel free to send them the leftovers. ​😛

What if it rains?

We believe rain is only enjoyable while watching it from your pergola. This doesn't mean that we will cancel. It goes ahead as planned. If the ran is on the extreme side, we may need to set up our tables in your garage for sanitary reasons.

Is it the same amount per head for kids?

Unless the kids attending look like Hercules, then kids aged between 5 - 12 years old are half price. Older than 12 and they're charged as an adult, trust us, some kids can eat!!! We do cap the amount of kids charged at the kids rate to 20.

If it happens to be an all kids or a majority kids party then we offer a special package (please inquire). We still bring our mobile pizzeria to you but offer a pizza making class where the kids become the pizza chefs! They'll learn to spread and top their pizza while watching how it gets cooked in the wood fire oven from a safe distance.

Do you provide plates, napkins, and cutlery?

Although we can provide plates and cutlery at an additional $2 per person, we might judge you... I mean... who eats pizza with a knife and fork? We know we're going to get some backlash from some people BUT to make up for it we provide napkins at no additional charge so you can wipe your mouth, your hands and even your knife and fork if you need to. 😛

How is food served to our guests?

Hot, fresh, and round... unless you're into oblong shaped pizzas! But on a more serious note, we offer three options:

  1. Buffet style where your guests can keep coming up and topping up their mouths with unlimited pizza

  2. You provide a designated guest as the helper who will go around and take the pizza to your other guests. We keep topping the pizza paddles when they're empty. Kids love this job.

  3. We can provide wait staff for an additional $120 per wait staff. We recommend 1 wait staff for every 30 guests.

How long will you need to set up?

We will typically arrive at the given address 2 hours prior to your chosen eating time. This gives us time to set up our mobile pizzeria but more importantly gives our wood fired oven the time it needs to get to that winter warming temperature of 420 degrees Celsius.

What if there's a fire?

In the highly unlikely event that there is an uncontrolled fire, the staff at Dough Job are trained in fire safety. Equipped with fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and fire safety knowledge you can rest assured that any fire won't get out of hand. 🧯

How far will you travel?

We can travel as far as the roads will let us. If the address is more than 50km from our base then we will have to charge a travel fee. This will be tailored to the extra distance we need to travel.

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